7 Data that every professional bartender should know:

Some people believe that a professional bartender’s job is simple: just serve beer and squeeze a lemon. But it is really a job that demands a set of skills and an excellent ability to hold brief conversations. For this you have to pressfional and know all types of bar trivia quiz question and answers.

For this reason, we share this time eight data that every bartender should know.

The bar is basically a scenario

As soon as the bartender puts one foot behind the bar, all eyes are on him or her. Both people sitting at their tables or those who enter the place just for a drink show their interest in knowing who the person behind the bar is and how they do what they do.

Therefore, being a professional bartender is very much in his behavior behind the bar. Facial expressions, the way he does his job, the attitude, the movement and the energy he transmits. In other words, his personality. Therefore, it is important to understand that as a bartender you will always be observed and that the bar is your stage.

All work revolves around the consumer

Bartender’s job exists because there are people who go to bars for talks, drink and spend time with friends. Bartender’s job depends on the consumer. And it is important to understand that simple fact about working in the bar industry. From this, all other points will make sense. The bartender is there for every customer of the establishment.

Taking care of the guests is a great responsibility

Alcohol service is something that should be taken seriously. Good bartenders always pay attention to the amount of alcohol their guests consume, how fast they drink, what their drinks contain, how strong they are, and whether they are eating or not.

There is always something to do behind the bar:

Taking care of the guests is paramount. But maintaining order and cleaning the workplace is something that should always be done. Organize and provide the bar. Having everything ready for what will happen next is important. There is no bar in the world where the bartender has finished doing his job. Continually clean, store and organize your bar so that it is presentable.

There will never be one task to do at once

Bartenders always have to do one, two and up to three tasks at the same time. It will always be necessary for them to know what they have to do next. This can happen when the bartender has 6 customers in front of him and must remember the order that each one asked for.

On the other hand, when the bartender has to prepare a cocktail, he must have everything at hand and ready: its glassware and ingredients. You need to take things, work with both hands. A good bartender never works with one hand. All its movements have a purpose and with multiple functions, and that is achieved with time. Moving behind the bar is not a skill that is achieved overnight – there is a kind of rhythm, a movement.

The calculation is the work rate

  • Emptying

When bartenders hold a bottle of alcohol and pour it into a glass, a certain speed is required to do so depending on the type of dispenser and the type of alcohol. Therefore, it is very necessary for the bartender to keep a count to know how much it serves.

  • The pay

Money management is important behind the bar. The bartenders can take up to five or six orders, and at busy times, it is not usually possible for them to go to the checkout and register the order. Therefore to be a good bartender you also need to have mathematical skills.

Different clients require different services

Each client is different. There are those who only arrive at the bar for a drink and leave. Others looking to spend more time in the place and like to start a conversation with the bartender, get to know him a little more. Or the groups that are going to have fun and meet people or those who have a good time talking and watching television. Basically the bartender must adapt his style of service to each of them.

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