Reasons For Strategic Planning


Why should your company consider developing a strategic plan? Are there roadblocks that your company cannot seem to overcome? The following are ten reasons your company should consider developing a strategic plan.

As CEO, are you tired of acting as a referee caused by turf battles between businesses or functional areas? Developing a strategic plan allows team members to develop a shared base of knowledge which allows the team to come to a consensus on key company priorities and allocates resources based on these priorities. After a strategic planning process often CEOs can put away their striped jerseys and quiet their whistles.

Do you find your team does not get key projects accomplished throughout the year? Do you constantly give your team new assignments? Strategic planning forces a team to select 8-10 key objectives to accomplish during the next 12-18 months. Once selected new opportunities or projects must be brought to the team for evaluation.

If the project needs to move forward, then one of the other objectives must come off the list. If the list needs to stay the same this project can be evaluated during the next cycle of strategic planning. Adding projects without evaluating what is already on the plate causes the team to suffer under the weight of too many initiatives.

Your team is not executing your vision. A strategic planning process allows all team members to analyze market trends and competitor movement along with your company’s strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the team develops a shared vision of the future and develops plans in order to achieve that vision. The strategic planning process develops buy-in from the total team.

Your management team needs professional development in order for the company to move to the next level. Strategic planning allows team members to see the big picture and enables them to lead given company priorities rather than specific functional requirements. It is a great way to develop your team member management capability.

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