Spinning Reel Tips

For those of us who prefer spin fishing over other types of fishing, our spinning reels are of great importance to us. It’s always a good idea to not only make sure that your spinning reel is working properly, but also to make sure that you’re employing the proper size spinning reel for the type of fish that you’re fishing for. All too many times I’ve seen anglers using fishing equipment (including spinning reels) that are much too large for the fish they’re attempting to catch. This can cost the average angler bites and fish, which is not a good thing. In this article I’m going to discuss three spinning reel tips that will help the average angler be much more successful.

  1. Make Sure Your Reel Matches Your Rod – Whenever a spinning reel is purchased, on the packaging it says what weight it is: ultra light, light, medium, or heavy. You want the weight of the reel to match the weight of the rod, and you want the weight to match the type and size of fish that your fishing for. For example, if you’re fishing for trout in small rivers and streams, you want to use an ultra light spinning reel and rod. Light action would be the heaviest in trout fishing situations such as these. This is also a great reason to not buy combination sets with the rod and spinning reel sold together. In most cases these combination sets arte made with very cheap rods and spinning reels. It’s better to purchase the two separately, so that you can get the feel and balance that you desire.
  2. Maintain Your Spinning Reel Properly – I best spinning reels personally make it a habit of cleaning my spinning reels before the start of every fishing season. This is a great idea, especially if your reels get a lot of wear and tear. Cleaning and greasing your spinning reels is a lot easier than you might think, and can help them last for years and years. Just do a search on Google for “cleaning your spinning reel” or something to that effect, and you should be able to find instructions on how to do it.
  3. Pay Attention To The Number Of Ball Bearings – The more ball bearings a spinning reel has, the less play it will have in the crank. This makes a big difference to those of us who like to fish with live bait in the flowing waters of both rivers and streams. I like to have no “play” in my handle. In other words, when I turn the handle, I want the bail to immediately turn. I like to have no “play” at all. This normally means that I want at least 6 ball bearings in my spinning reels. Pflueger makes some great spinning reels, for anyone who happens to be in the market?

The bottom line is that these three spinning reel tips will help you not only find, but maintain your spinning reels for years to come. In my opinion you should never spend more than $50 on a spinning reel, and if you take care of your reels, they will last for years. I’ve personally had spinning reels for upwards of 10 years, without ever having a problem with them, and they cost me less than $50 at the time I bought them. Keep that in mind the next time your consi8dering breaking the bank on a new spinning reel.

Trevor Kugler Co-founder of JRWfishing.com Trevor has more than 20 years of fishing experience, 15 years of business experience and currently raises his 3-year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country……Montana.

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