Tattoo Guns – A Must For Tattoo Artists!

Tattoo guns are better known as tattoo machines because they are used to create tattoos. The first prototype of this machine was made by Thomas Edison, the famous inventor of light bulb. The machine however, was not intended to create tattoos but rather as a sort of design transfer mechanism or as an engraving machine. This idea was later copied and modified so that sometime in the 1890s, another person thought of revising Edison’s machine and incorporated an ink chamber. The presence of the ink chamber enables the machine to let ink into the skin which gave way to the invention of the first ever tattoo gun.


Since its invention, tattoo machines have evolved over the years into finer and safer form. The introduction of electromagnets onto the machine has made it possible to control the speed, the depth and the pressure being applied during tattooing. Thus, tattoo has become a precise form of art.

Tattoo guns come in a variety of sizes. Some are able to apply a single color of ink while others are able to apply a multitude of colors. As with any other equipment, proper care and maintenance will extend the life of tattoo guns. A properly cared for tattoo gun will also be a lesser source of infection. Because the mechanism for making a tattoo gun is easy enough, many people are making their own tattoo guns. Medical professionals and tattoo enthusiasts do not recommend it. This is because some of the standards of safety may have been bypassed in the creation of homemade tattoo guns. Not only have that, the sterilization process which should have been undergone during the creation of tattoo is often bypassed when tattooing is done by hand instead of by machine.

If you are thinking of buying a tattoo gun, you should know that you can purchase tattoo gun by itself or as part of a tattoo kit. Tattoo kits include ink, transfer paper and all other items that a tattoo artist will need in setting up his or her own shop. A careful evaluation should be made on the various brands of tattoo guns available in the market.

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