The Attraction Factor – Do you want to Attract the Best Clients?

Why do people become attracted to your business? Why is it some days, new client opportunities seem to grow on trees and you ask yourself, what did I do to open these floodgates? Is it just a fad or something that will last for a while? I often think this well will dry up one day; however the flow never seems to slow down.
What are some of the factors new clients are attracted to you? I personally believe professionalism in what you do is extremely important; you must be professional in your dealings with your clients. However being professional doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. When you have fun and enjoy what you do, your staff, colleagues and most importantly your clients pick up on and feed off of your excitement for the services you offer. Being professional and fun loving is the most important key to attracting the best clients. It is true, people are not attracted to others who constantly frown and do not appear to enjoy themselves. Try it out, walk around with a frown on your face for a week and watch the people avoid you.
Having a high level of integrity is important in any cliente misterioso business and is an important factor to attracting the best clients. Nothing spreads faster in the marketplace than bad publicity. Clients love to talk about the great levels of service they receive from their IT support company, just as much as they would, to guard their colleagues and friends from making a bad decision, if your conduct is poor, lacks honesty, truthfulness, reliability and integrity.
Some time ago, I read a sign at a client’s office, it goes something like this: “The bitterness of poor service and quality will last longer than the sweetness of a great deal”. This is something I strive to live my life by daily, and I am happy to say, it seems to have aided in the attraction of new clients and opportunities.
It is important for all business owners to practice, with the previously mentioned values, however, it is equally critical for you to hire staff, who share and practice these same ideals. An employee who shares your ideals and values, and maybe isn’t the most technical or the best salesperson, is far more valuable to your team than an employee with more technical depth, on your team who upsets clients, bad mouths everything the company does, or decides it is their way only, and not open to what others have to say or recommend.
When your team is firing on the same ideals and goals, the floodgates will open and the opportunities in the marketplace will start coming your way. The recipients who have a great service representative, who truly cares about the recipients’ business, will love to boast about the service they are receiving.
Once you have created the attraction factor and the leads are pouring in, how do you reward those who provide with great leads? Do you have a plan in place to thank them? I personally do not like to do business or share leads with someone who wants a percentage of the revenue from the leads they give you. Saying this, there are people who want to share financially with their business colleagues who give them leads and as long as it is their decision this is OK. I firmly believe in the “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” approach. This way of thinking provides both you and your business colleagues with quality referrals and also keeps the referrals coming. A simple thank you card goes miles some days.

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