The Best Free Online Golf Games

There are a few free internet based golf games that provide a challenge, are lots of fun, and can actually help with the mental part of your golf game. Here are my top three picks rated on how near the game plays to a real round of golf and the game graphics. Now that old man winter has set in and my favorite courses are snow covered, I like to sit back in my easy chair and tee off on a variety of fun and competitive online golf courses.

Number one by far is the World Golf Tour the graphics are the best on the internet, because they are not artwork but real images of famous courses like Bethpage Black, Pinehurst, and old St. Andrews. The games and tournaments on this site are as close as you can get to actual play. The controls for the game are easy enough to manage. Golf Clash Hack I find the tee and fairway shots are quite simple; but as in real golf the hazard shots and putting are tough. For the competitive among us the World Golf Tour has tournaments to play in for fun or money. I highly recommend this online golf experience! Beware though, it can be addictive!

Number two is a little known older java based game to be found at green The graphics are basic, but the play is realistic enough. The controls can be difficult to master just like trying to control your shots in real golf, which is in part what makes this game top rate. There is a driving range available on the site as well as a practice hole. One has eight realistic tournament courses to choose from. You can enter and withdraw from the tournaments at will. Try this game, and of course be warned, Green 18 is addictive too!

Number three is an older shockwave game found at nabisco Go to the Nabisco Golf Course icon once on the site. The graphics here are nice. There are two versions, amateur and professional. The controls for the amateur version are easy to operate and one can score well. The pro version is harder, but gives one a good golf “feel” This game can be addictive also, but less than the others since there is only one golf course to play.

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